Machupicchu Adventure


1 Day

Machupicchu Adventure
Sacred Valley


At 6:30 pick-up time, we drive 40 minutes from the city of Cusco to the north, we will arrive at the archaeological center of Chinchero, it is a living city that still retains the original Inca trail and is located in a very important place. Agricultural area. The church and the tower are from the colonial era, built on the basis of Inca temples. The artisans offer locally made textiles, with the use of ancestral techniques. After our visit, we continue on the bus to Moray, which is a circular system of built platforms, taking advantage of the sinking of the area. They are terraces with microclimates, for experimental purposes, such as domestication, acclimatization, hybridization and, in general, experimentation with plants.

Then we will visit the salt mines, they were exploited since the pre-Inca era, there are more than 3000 poses, owned by almost 380 families, this salt water comes from natural sources that seep from the same hill called Qoripukiu (source of gold). ) and then we will go to Urubamba, we will have a buffet lunch, after enjoying lunch we will continue on the bus 30 minutes to reach the archaeological center of Ollantaytambo. In the time of the Incas, it was another of the many multifunctional cities, it was an administrative, military, social and economic center, a control point of passage to several ecological floors.

After the visit we will take our bus and arrive at the archaeological center Pisaq, it is a denomination that comes from the Quechua word P´isaca (partridge). Their lands were taken advantage of by means of intelligent systems of platforms with their respective irrigation channels, which allowed the almost exclusive cultivation of the best corn in the world, parcay sara or giant white corn. Religious, urban, social and economic zones are distinguished. Generally the Incas built in high and safe parts that were not very vulnerable, as well as in lands not suitable for agriculture.

Originally colonial Pisaq, it was only a typical market dedicated to the purchase and sale of varied products, for the inhabitants of the place, the sale of handicrafts has now been incorporated, thanks to the visit of tourists who are now daily. We will return to Cusco around 7:00 p.m. approximately.

Whats Included:
• Bilingual guide service (English and Spanish)
• Transportations
• Buffet lunch in Urubamba

Not Incluided:
• Ticket student S / 70.00
• Adult tourist ticket S / 70.00

What we recommend that you bring:
• Good sneakers or light hiking boots.
• A small day backpack to carry your personal belongings.
• Camera.
• Comfortable clothing.
• Money.
• Rain gear.
• Water and snacks.

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